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About Us


We understand that trauma elicits a range of responses from every individual, as it activates our inherent coping mechanisms. Initially, when faced with a traumatic or crisis situation, our ability to control reactions temporarily diminishes, leading to behaviors that may seem uncharacteristic upon reflection. The aftermath of such experiences often leaves us feeling altered or detached from our previous sense of self. Frequently, we grapple with intense emotional reactions that appear unfamiliar. Engaging in dialogue about trauma is effective and contributes to the integration of our cumulative experiences.

At Missing Elements, we offer a secure and supportive environment for individuals to embark on their healing journey from trauma and regain control over their lives. We firmly believe in every person's entitlement to receive top-quality trauma-informed care, which acknowledges their distinct encounters and empowers them to cultivate resilience. By employing evidence-based therapies, providing empathetic assistance, and fostering community connections, our goal is to assist trauma survivors in overcoming their obstacles and uncovering the essential elements of hope, healing, and transformation.


Missing Elements was established in 2013 by Suze Cribbs with the vision of offering a comprehensive range of services in a single location and fostering a societal acceptance of seeking assistance following a crisis or trauma. Recognizing the profound impact of trauma on individuals, as well as their families, friends, and the wider community, it became apparent that there was a notable dearth of resources and support available to survivors.

Missing Elements is a non-profit dedicated to helping individuals, communities and families heal, rebuild and reconstruct their lives after trauma. 

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